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What is ArGo?

ArGo is a blockchain-based, server-less app deployment platform that takes your web app to Arweave Protocol. We offer a decentralized, uncensored, and permanent platform for businesses and ideas on the internet which is permanently hosted with a one-time deployment fee.
Why Decentralized Hosting important for Web3.
The internet has been around for some time now. However, much of its fluid nature is now controlled and censored by governments and corporates. But nowadays the internet is in the middle of a revolution: centralized proprietary services are being replaced with decentralized solutions and monolithic services replaced with peer-to-peer algorithmic systems. Here comes the Decentralized Hosting solution, which can revolutionize how traditional web hosting services work. With peer-to-peer content delivery networks, hosting a web application now can be easily done without a centralized system. With the advent of Web3.0 technologies, it is now more than ever important to decentralize frontend applications without a centralized entity controlling their hosted site and takedown at any moment.
What is ArGo’s Solution?
ArGo provides a User Interface for any deployment on Arweave Protocol and simplifies the experience of developers to work on Arweave Protocol and focus on only building applications. ArGo provides persistent logs monitoring for deployments and helps in organizing their deployments on Arweave with GitHub-based organizations and repositories like structure. ArGo also provides DNS configuration for any deployment with an intuitive User Experience. With ArGo, users no longer have to depend on subscription plans of cloud provider giants, enjoy fast deployment via pre-rendered front-end web pages supported by multiple Jamstacks, and scale seamlessly without any monthly recurring fees. This space is 100% auditable and verifiable because all the deployment will be logged in the blockchain with tags to distinguish them.
Who can use ArGo?
We believe almost any serverless application in the Web3 ecosystem can benefit from ArGo. Some of the highest-impact immediate opportunities are:

  • DEXes: DEX users are relying upon their platform to provide them with an all-time working front-end app. Since the frontend is the front face of the DEX application, it needs to be free from any centralized hosting which may cost users a lot of money when the site is taken down by these centralized entities.
  • DeFi: Same goes for DeFi applications as well. Mostly DeFi applications are mostly frontend based with solidity as their backend but hosting their site on a centralized hosting platform can cost their users a lot of issues if the site is taken down by these centralized entities.
  • Wiki Sites: As time goes on, a lot of wiki links are getting broken. These sites can be hosted on ArGo so that they can live permanently without a need for recurring payments
  • Institutions: For web-app archival to save cost in the long run → achives
How do I use ArGo?
ArGo is a web app that is hosted on https://argoapp.live/. On the app, you can just sign up with GitHub and start deploying your app directly from the GitHub repository. Apart from the web app, we are also working on CLI for ArGo so that user can directly deploy their web app from their local system.
How can I use ArGo right now?
ArGo is currently in the Beta stage and live on https://argoapp.live/ . Anyone can use it by signing up with GitHub and start deploying your app directly from the GitHub repository.
What next for ArGo?
We are working hard to add new features and improve the user experience of our users. We are building our v2 which will improve the efficiency and stability of the entire ecosystem.
How can I keep up with ArGo?
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