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Permanent Deployment

Deploy your frontend on Blockchain Environment with just a click.


Deploy Frontend 10X Faster

Deployment platform on top of the Arweave protocol.


ArGo is the best place to deploy any frontend app to the Arweave. Arweave gives you the power to deploy full web apps permanently.

If everything published on the web could be stored permanently, in its original form, the information would be immutable, transparent, and accessible to everyone.

No more walled off gardens of the web that can be controlled or manipulated by a single person or organisation, no more 404 ‘page not found errors’, no more stealth edits.


Frontend development is not meant to be a solo activity. ArGo makes it a collaborative experience with deploy previews for every code change and a seamless integration with GitHub & GitLab

It’s time for a change

ArGo is a decentralized deployment and management platform for modern javascript applications and static web sites. It enables anyone to deploy any static apps with minimal pricing on a global scale with just a few clicks.

Unlimited bandwidth

We believe in the concept of being open and unlimited. We do not impose bandwidth limits and hidden fees.

Custom DNS domains

ArGo’s built-in support for configuring custom DNS will allow you to add your domains with ease.

100% Uptime

With the ArGo app, your data is permanent and immutable as it's hosted on blockchain technology.

Censorship resistant

It is decentralized and allows you to be in control of your own data and storage.

Deploy and scale for Free!

A decentralized cloud puts the power of your data back in your hands

Deploy with just a few clicks

Deploying frontend web apps need precision and collaborative effort. With ArGo, you can access deploy previews for every code change and a seamless integration with GitHub and GitLab. With one-click deployment and one-time payment, we put the power of the internet back into the hands of the people.


One time fee
100% uptime
Permanent and immutable
Custom domains
Decentralized storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Fast deployment
Censorship resistant
Free Subdomain

Import Git Repository

Select a Git provider to import an existing project from a Git Repository.

Deploy & Earn ArGo Token!

Deploy your sites and start becoming a part of our governance by owning $ARGO token

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of highly skilled blockchain natives

Prashant Maurya


Prashant is a Full stack developer with 5+ years of experience in Enterprise Software Solutions and worked in big tech companies. He has started actively contributing in Open source project and also becoming an active Gitcoiner. He has contributed to some NEAR, Nucypher, Arweave, etc, and won a couple of hackathons. His projects are currently being featured in Arweave as the top 10 projects on recently happened incubation. He has a great solution architectural knowledge and also a great mentor in guiding code quality and implementation.

Mitrasish Mukherjee


Mitrasish is a Full-stack developer with 2+ years of experience in Enterprise Software Solutions, In the meantime, He is an active contributor in Open source project and an active Gitcoiner. He has contributed to many blockchain projects like Algorand, Aave, Arweave, Ens, Aragon, Bluzelle, Gitcoin, etc, and won more than 5 hackathons. He also worked on a live web2 QF donation project, an initiative by Gitcoin and Consensys. He is not only skillful in the Blockchain field but also an amazing Frontend developer.

Abhimanyu Shekhawat

Smart Contract Developer

Abhimanyu is an active Gitcoiner and was an ex - Intern at The Linux Foundation. Currently he is working with matic to single handedly develop their mobile wallet. He is working in the field of Blockchain. He is having contributions to Ethereum Foundation, Blockstack, Bluzelle, Crytic, etc. Abhimanyu is not only skillful in the Blockchain field but in flutter as well.

Transcend the cloud

ArGo is built on the Arweave, a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments. This allows developers to truly store data forever – for the very first time.
As a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets, Arweave allows us to remember and preserve apps and version records indefinitely.
ArGo is the first service to provide all of your frontend deployment on the Arweave Protocol in one place.
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We handle the infrastructure, you build your Dapp on top of the blockchain. Let us take care of the hard stuff, so you can focus on developing your awesome dapp!

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ArGo is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that takes your web app to Arweave Protocol. We offer a decentralized, uncensored, and permanent hosting platform for businesses and ideas on the internet with 100% uptime and a one-time deployment fee.

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